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Hi There

My name is Anika Benioni, I am a photographer from the Waikato region in New Zealand. My original passion for photography started with landscape. Growing up on the stunning hills of Pirongia mountain I was always in awe of the sky, shadows and colours that nature could create. This then lead into shooting Families, Newborns, Weddings and anything else that came my way.

My goal when shooting is to always find a connection and emotion between people.  I love contrast, depth and shadows, milky backgrounds to give images almost a dream like appearance and to find the beauty in people and places and combine them together. 

When you book a shoot with me it will always be fun, I like a relaxed environment where everyone is free to be silly and have a laugh. I like to let people interact naturally but can also give pointers when needed.  You then receive an online gallery of all the edited images to share and print as you like. 

My family and I are currently living in Griffith NSW Australia due to my husband's job, returning home to New Zealand for holidays when we can. 

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